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Brown Boxes is a corrugated box manufacturer established in the year 2001 with the motive of manufacturing high-quality corrugated boxes and reaching out to all big industries all around. Brown Boxes is an Ahmedabad, India based company engaged in the design, printing, manufacturing & distribution of a wide range of packaging materials such as Corrugated Boxes, Die-cut Boxes, Flutes(B, C, E), Internal Packaging, Partitions, Stiffeners etc. We provide package design solutions to a wide array of industry and end-user applications. For more than 20 years, we have remained faithful to our fundamentals: fast manufacturing of ordered products, the speed of our delivery, and the responsiveness of our teams when you need them. Respecting our commitments has built our company’s reputation and has enabled us to earn and keep your trust. We are a brand committed to your satisfaction.!

The quality of our products is the first of our commitments as a business. Our teams carefully handpick products of exemplary quality and are particularly attentive to the origin and production of our products is made in our manufacturing unit. Whatever the size of your company; home office, SME, or multinational, and whatever sector you’re a part of; industrial, distribution, or services, our close relationship with your business enables us not only to meet your expectations but also to anticipate them. Therefore, we can produce customised packaging for you, optimised according to your needs. A box is just an empty vessel without creative input. We don’t just sell the box, we help you sell YOUR product. We make packaging easy by providing you with thousands of quality products at affordable prices. You can always trust, whether you are dealing with us for the first time or the 100th time, that you will be provided with the same superior customer service experience and packaging that your clients will love. From start-up businesses through to large multi-national corporations, with our simplistic approach, we can provide a solution to suit any business requirements.


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