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What is Corrugated Box &
Why Do We Choose Corrugated?

Corrugated boxes are made of paper and have an arched layer, called “fluting,” between smooth sheets, called “liner.” The corrugated most commonly used to make boxes has one layer of fluting between two smooth sheets. But there are many types of corrugated available depending upon the needs and strength required, such as 3ply, 5ply, 7ply and 9ply corrugated boxes with different thicknesses ranging from 100gsm to 250gsm quality of the sheet.
A corrugated box is an extremely long-lasting, adaptable, economical and lightweight material used for custom-manufactured corrugated boxes, die-cut boxes, flutes(B, C, E), internal packaging, partitions, stiffeners etc. A corrugated box is not just a brown or offset cardboard box. A corrugated box is a complete, high-tech performance material designed and manufacturing for packaging and delivery system.
Ongoing Research & Development programs continuously improve such characteristics of the corrugated box as strength-to-weight ratios, printability, moisture barriers and recyclables. Corrugated components, designs and end products are manufactured in our manufacturing unit of semi-automatic machinery that reduces costs and ensures consistent performance compared to the manual types of machinery. The majority of the corrugated box is designed and prototyped with advanced high-tech design and manufacturing systems, providing customers with the best and most cost-effective solutions to their packaging challenges. We prefer a corrugated box in the packaging material instead of a normal box because it is:

Long Lasting &
Light weight

Corrugated boxes are intended to get dampness and microbes far from the items inside, this is especially significant for withstanding long transportation timings with perishable goods.

If you end up assembling or transport substantial items, you likely don’t have any desire to build the weight and transportation cost of your items with heavy packaging, correct? This is the place where corrugated boxes are invaluable as it is solid and lightweight. Being lightweight additionally makes them advantageous for customers, especially on the off chance that they aren’t charged extra for delivery without thinking twice about the security of their items.

A corrugated box is perhaps the most profoundly reused material on earth. The boxes can likewise be collapsed up and stored for reuse when required.

Corrugated boxes are comprised of 70-100% reused material, making them one of the most eco-accommodating green bundling materials accessible. Corrugated boxes are likewise very simple to reuse, re-purpose and discard as most layered makers don’t utilize any bleach or colours.

Corrugated, produced using a characteristic sustainable asset, has an incredible natural record. Corrugated is quite often made utilizing high rates of recovered fibre, consequently redirecting these materials from the municipal solid waste stream.

The corrugated box has been utilized and reused consistently to store and move things around the home, store and office. Water-based inks are presently utilized solely for printing designs on folded compartments, staying away from the utilization of toxic inks and solvents.


Customizable &

You can browse an assortment of box styles, from ordinary opened compartment (RSC) boxes, which are the standard transportation boxes, to more specific designs, contingent upon your requirements.

Corrugated boxes are not difficult to modify. You can have your corrugated boxes producers plan customised boxes as indicated by your business necessities.

Corrugated offers a large number of potential mixes of board types, woodwind sizes (calliper), premise weight, cement, treatment and coatings, including fire-resistant and static control security.

The innovative development of corrugated boxes guarantees that the bundling material is sufficiently able to convey a scope of various loads while shaping a solid obstruction to shield the substance from harm.

It is extraordinarily compelling for securing both delicate and non-delicate things. The pieces of paper stuck to the folded internal sheet give the case structure extra solidarity to help significant burdens, resist shock, impact, dropping and vibration.

They consolidate primary unbending nature with prevalent cushioning characteristics. Corrugated compartments home items in an ideally defensive climate, so even substantial or delicate substances show up intact.

These boxes offer great tear, ductile and burst solidarity to withstand dispatching pressures. It opposes effect, drops and vibration harm while offering uniform stacking and weight distribution so the load is properly stay put.

These boxes can be intended to contain flowable, granular or free mass items and surprisingly risky materials. It is likewise used to dispatch fluids and new food sources, with the expansion of removable liners that fill in as dampness obstructions.

High-Tech &


Corrugated boxes are versatile bulletins that make the picture of an item any place they travel. Corrugated boxes presentations are attractive measured units that can be set up rapidly and reused toward the finish of an advancement.

Ridged is an entirely adaptable medium that obliges a wide scope of printing choices to help the end-use prerequisite.

Corrugated boxes are the absolute most economical packaging choices out there. They don’t need high work costs or any expensive instruments to fabricate the cases. Aside from that, they are very simple to reuse.

The expense of work and apparatuses needed to create, fill, and move the boxes are low. The expense of delivery is low, because of lower tare loads and higher fill densities than elective packaging. The pattern toward utilizing considerably lighter-weight materials (will keep on driving down delivery costs. Low crude material expenses and large scale manufacturing of corrugated boxes makes them especially cost-effective.

A definitive commitment to cost decrease is when corrugated is utilized as an across the board transporting, capacity, publicizing and show medium – a developing pattern both in the distribution centres and other retail locations.


Our Vision

Be India’s #1 Corrugated boxes and packaging manufacturer and supplier. From the beginning of the company, we have always emphasized one quote that is “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.” Thus, we look forward to the sole motto which is The Quality & Service We Trust. Our vision is to ensure the best possible services to the customers at the most competitive price to create a wealthy nation and a wealthy world. We target giving the best quality items in the market to every one of the clients and subsequently become the best brand in the competitive market known for its client care and high quality of products

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Set a new benchmark in the corrugated boxes industry. We want to deliver value to the customer, be profitable and establish leadership in core markets. We want to be at the top of the mind of the customers by ensuring effective brand promotion and our strategies also focusing on increasing Brown Boxes’s global reach by venturing into new markets and growing the existing market reach at the same time. Our main goal is to connect with the creation of the relative multitude of classes of items in the boxes manufacturing industry. What’s more, hereafter become the most confided in brand in this market. We aim to set up a cost-effective plus eco-friendly packaging culture in India.